I wanted to take a little time out to introduce myself as a blogger and fellow tech industry professional. It has been a little over a decade since I first ventured into a tech related position and grew a fondness for it. What drew me to want to learn more was natural curiosity to find out how things worked mixed with the feelings of putting solutions together that solved an actual need! 

Once I grasped the initial potential of what I could directly impact with the limited knowledge I had back then, I was sold. I spent about 4 years in that first role in the banking industry sharpening my skills and becoming more familiar with reporting and analytics.  

From the banking industry I moved into consumer packaged goods where I served as a data and reporting analyst for a marketing company, providing Excel based reporting for grocery retail operations. Over the next 5 years, we moved reporting from Excel/Access into cloud technologies and platforms like MicroStrategy and Power BI. This gave me a wealth of knowledge in data modeling and a healthy exposure to SQL. I spent the latter half of my tenure with the marketing firm becoming more familiar with SQL Structured Query Language and learning ETL, which stands for Extract Transform and Load (these are the steps usually taken when getting data from one point to another).  

After my tenure with the marketing company, I spent about a year coming up with solutions for an adult beverage marketer and decided during that time that I wanted to work independently, providing solutions using the skills I had attained over the course of my decade long venture in the data and analytics world. 

Currently I am a data engineer and creating content to help others hopefully find solutions to the technical problems they might have. I look forward to periodically posting useful content to enrich your life. 

Dale Levesque
Data Engineer, Patriot Consulting
Email: dlevesque@patriotconsultingcorp.com | Blogs: Patriot Consulting Blogs
LinkedIn: Personal: DaleLevesque | Company: Patriot Consulting

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