Single Ticks & Strings

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today. Have you ever been writing out a string or a print statement in python and got stuck trying to put an apostrophe in there? If so, I have the answers for you. First, I am going to address our error… single tick hell… then I am […]

Adding A Python Script Dataset to Power BI

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how you can use Python to create a dataset to use in Power BI. This will be a simple walkthrough of all the steps you need to do so. There are some prerequisites though. Let’s go ahead and get right into it. The First Prerequisite: You […]

Defining A Function & Using Logical Grouping

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day today. In today’s python blog I am going to be going over how you can define a function and how you can use that for logical grouping. I am going to start with defining a function with local scope, then I will go over defining […]

Building a Loan Payment Calculator with Python

I was thinking about what I should do for my first python blog, and I thought of some of the basic but cool stuff that I have done using python. I arrived at the Loan Calculator that I made in python. If you are looking for how to set up python I have a blog […]

Setting Up Python

Hello everyone, in todays blog I will be kicking off our first entry to the python section and I am just going to be going over how to set up Python. I know I know, that absolutely crazy for an introductory blog. All joking aside, let’s go ahead and get into it. Thank you all […]